Weekend Wrap-up

As the heat wave continued we spent most of the weekend indoors, which meant time to try out a new recipe! We kicked Saturday morning off by dropping Gibbs at day care so he could play in the shade, air conditioning and pool with his friends while Ken and I stayed home and made chocolate donuts from Elana’s Pantry.



I also felt inspired for some living plants since all of ours in the yard seem to be dying due to heat and lack of water, so we created a fun display for hydrangeas and planted some indoor herbs.


Lastly, for Ken’s honorary father’s day meal (doggie dad) he requested Shrimp Kisses. If you ever have the chance go to a McCormick and Schmick’s order these! We have replicated these many times over the years and try to find jumbo shrimp to make them with, but they are so hard to come by. Luckily ours turned out ok with regular-sized shrimp.

  • Shrimp, pre-cooked and shelled
  • Pepperjack Cheese (we used a vegan cheese) cut into strips
  • Bacon
  • Sweet salsa for dipping. I made one with regular salsa we had in the fridge and mixing in mango puree from some mangoes I had in the freezer.



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