Italian Night

Last night I had fun trying out some new recipes in the air conditioned kitchen, since it was too hot to even think about venturing outside to BBQ or anything else. On the menu was ravioli and pepperoni pizza chicken.


Up first is the pepperoni pizza chicken. I made some ingredient modifications to the recipe due to my dietary restrictions:

  • Goat milk mozzarella (doesn’t melt the same a cow’s milk mozzarella but still tastes great)
  • Applegate brand pepperoni since it contains no casein or gluten
  • Raos brand marinara sauce no added sugar. I buy from Thrive Market since it’s cheaper than Whole Foods.



Next I spent quite a while making these ravioli. I have never made homemade pasta by myself, and even though the kitchen was still a mess from arrowroot powder, it was a pretty easy process!

The dough is found in the recipe below, but for the filling I crisped up a couple slices of prosciutto and diced finely, then combined with softened goat cheese and a couple cloves of roasted garlic. To serve, I just tossed it in olive oil infused with garlic and red pepper flakes, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.



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