Taco Tuesday!

It’s not just Taco Tuesday but we officially closed on our house today! Yahoo, we are no longer homeowners in Sammamish.

We are headed over to Uncle Rick and Aunt Mary’s for TT (or taco Tuesday). Our contributions are taco meat, Mexican/Spanish cauliflower rice and some avocado cilantro sauce/dip. I buy most of my meat and poultry from US Wellness Meats https://grasslandbeef.com/

The avo cilantro sauce/dip is from http://hostthetoast.com/blackened-fish-tacos-avocado-cilantro-sauce/ but I sub in plain goat yogurt for the sour cream.

Avo Cilantro Sauce
Cauli rice and ground beef cooking away


2 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday!”

    1. Yes, uncle rick thinks so also on that a dip. It’s yummy we agree. What a great blog.. cook you are and mister wags his tail as fast as it will go on those doggie treats. It should be a business. 🤗


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