Prepping for a Special Guest

I was up early today to walk Gibbs before the heat really sets in, even though it was above 90° when we left the house a little before 6:30. You can see how even a brief 40 min walk leaves him tuckered out. He likes to lay on the tile to try to cool off. Ken and I used to jump in the pool to cool down after a morning walk/jog, but now our pool temperature is that of bathwater so it’s not very refreshing.


Tomorrow Erin comes for a visit! We are so excited to have her for a long weekend and have many fun activities planned. Tomorrow night we will go to an art and wine event with silent auction, and later in the weekend we are attending a cooking class, wedding dress shopping with Amy and Sushi Sunday!

In honor of Erin’s visit I decided to make one of her childhood favorites, Snickerdoodles (grain free of course)!


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