It’s the last day of June, which is hard to believe! I’m kicking today off with my new favorite breakfast combo: goat yogurt, strawberries, flax meal and stevia. I am so happy to have yogurt part of my diet again after a long absence. Last year I learned goat milk does not cause my body to have an inflammatory reaction, but I still avoided all dairy on recommendation of my nutritionist. Now I am on different meds so diet isn’t as crucial as it was a year ago. These days I use my food sensitivities chart to dictate what I eat. I was intrigued to see goat yogurt in the store and have been using it for a couple months. I LOVE IT, mainly because it allows me to eat “normal” breakfast foods in the morning. I can’t quite explain the resentment I felt by my eating habits taking a 180, and even the simple addition of adding back yogurt gives me the feeling of someone not restricted by my body. 

I prepared dinner early today since this recipe is a little labor intensive and it’s so much easier to stand over the stove when the heat of the day isn’t at it’s peak. Tonight we’ll have Enchilada Stuffed Peppers  

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