Today’s lunch is like most days, leftovers from last night’s dinner. We made a great summer meal that was light and flavorful from Danielle Walker’s first book Against All Grain. Unfortunately this recipe is not on her website otherwise I would share, but I highly encourage everyone to buy it. We make most of our meals from her books and we have yet to find a recipe we don’t like. I am currently marinating flank steak from one of her recipes for jerky. 

Lamb meatballs with marinated zoodles and tzatziki sauce.

3 thoughts on “Leftovers”

  1. That looks so good, are you using your new yogurt in the tzatziki sauce? I had a pork belly lettuce wrap in Terrebonne for lunch. I was thinking your meatballs and sauce would be good in a wrap.


    1. Yes, we use goat yogurt for the sauce. The recipe calls for coconut milk but since I am sensitive to coconut we try to avoid it when possible.


      1. It looks amazing Gibbs treats and dinner. The cookbook is a wonderful treasure. I have enjoyed her recipes so much and new way of cooking at least one night a week if not more for the last few months. Highly recommend it as well for those who have not gotten one yet. Happy Friday to all of you. Aunt Mary


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