Happy Hour

My strawberry martini bar is set up and ready to go! Can’t wait to see how this strawberry infused vodka turned out. We are making these simple, with a little simple syrup, served in a glass with organic cane sugar rim and garnished with strawberries or olives. Rick and Mary are coming over tonight so they get to be our guinea pigs! 

3 thoughts on “Happy Hour”

    1. Oh my those strawberry martini 🍸 were good . She did an amazing job. Can’t wait for peach or mango infused version which I am now inspired to try myself. Since my niece Elise
      and ken have moved here I must admit I am
      Enjoying cooking and learning new things from Elise. We had a great tasting party last night. Aunt mary


      1. I just started some cherry and blueberry infusions so we’ll have to try those. Somehow I was able to buy Rainier cherries here!


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