Guest Post – Sunday Sauce-day

Elise and I were watching The Godfather and got inspired to make our favorite sauce – bacon sauce! And, as I have learned from my father-in-law, you can’t make a sauce without a glass of vino! Right Mike? So I opened a bottle of Syrah and rolled up my sleeves. To go with the bacon sauce, Elise and I tapped into our creative side to make our own meatballs. Took 85/15 ground beef, two chopped jalapeños, two cloves minced garlic, and two ounces herbed goat cheese, then salted to taste. The goat cheese was a great binder and gave the meatballs a light and delicious flavor. After adding the bacon sauce and meatballs to some gluten free pasta, we topped with a goats milk mozzarella.

Bon appetite!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post – Sunday Sauce-day”

  1. Was it as good as it sounds? Sounds delicious. We like to throw the meatballs in the sauce and let them cook that was in the simmering sauce. I’m gonna have to try making the sauce with bacon. Yummy.


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