Autumn Inspired Meals

The last few meals I’ve made have been reminiscent of ones you’d be more likely to eat in fall than August, but since school is back in session here I guess I was subconsciously thinking of comfort dishes.

Yesterday I made a breakfast hash which is a common meal in our house, meaning put in whatever vegetables and meat you may have on hand in a skillet and top with an egg. I had mine without egg but it is still really good. We got into the habit of making hashes last year when I was following the AIP diet (autoimmune paleo protocol diet), but it is a great dish to make regardless of your dietary preferences. I made this one with beef Italian sausage, apples, red cabbage, carrots, kale and seasoned with nutmeg and white pepper. For a little extra decedance, especially if you’re not having egg, top with some goat cheese or feta. I found a feta made from sheep and goat milk.

Keeping in line with the autumnal meals I also made a take on ham & cheese sandwich with soup. I found these tortillas made out of potatoes, garbanzo bean flour and cassava flour. They seemed like the perfect substitute for not only regular flour or corn tortillas but bread. Most of the time I make meals from scratch, but if I can find premade items wih diet-friendly ingredients I get super excited! This meal is a great example of some good finds for an easy to make meal. I made the “sandwich ” with these tortillas, Canadian bacon and goat’s milk cheddar cheese. The soup is made without any gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs or corn products.

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