Meal Prep

 I am pretty good about meal planning, where I search my Pinterest page or cookbooks and plan out what recipes we will make in the next week then buy all the ingredients, but that’s as far as I get. Some days the thought of prepping the ingredients and actually making the meal is a bit daunting and we end up ordering a gluten free pizza. I have recently stopped taking three medications in the last week since I am in remission to see if I can remain in remission without the aid of all the meds I have been on. Keep in mind I am still on a biologic and will likely be for the rest of my life as long as it keeps working, but to get me into remission took an arsenal of medication! Of course the absolute worse thing would be for me to have a flare up and no longer be in remission so I am taking a closer look at my diet and trying to get back to the way I ate a year ago when a lot of things were off limits, no exception, like eggs, cow’s milk, gluten/grains, spinach, scallops, watermelon, etc. To make my life easier I spent some time today prepping the majority of my ingredients for meals ahead of time so all I will need to do is cook the meal.

Our meal plan for the next few days includes buffalo chicken spaghetti squash, smoky pork chops with potatoes and green beans, broccoli chicken with asparagus, and lemon marinated chicken with avocado pesto and zucchini noodles. We typically eat dinner leftovers the next day for lunch, so we don’t shop for additional items for lunch items. Breakfast is usually Applegate sausages and vegetables or Vegaone smoothies for me and yogurt and berries for Ken. Snack items we keep on hand are Kettle chips, beet chips, almonds, That’s it fruit bars, Inca corn (for Ken), and other diet-friendly items.

To help with the meal prep today I purchased:

  • Preroasted frozen potatoes
  • Precut butternut squash
  • precut and washed asparagus
  • precut mushrooms
  • precut and washed green beans
  • prewashed basil
  • cilantro, which I washed then placed in a glass of water to stay fresh
  • celery, which I washed then chopped
  • green onions, which I washed then chopped
  • strawberries, which I washed then chopped
  • zucchini, which I made into noodles with a vegetable peeler instead of a spriralizer
  • head of broccoli which I cut into strips after washing

All our other ingredients like meat/poultry are in the freezer from our US Wellness meats shipment, so I just take what we need from the freezer to defrost in the fridge, and I keep on hand all the pantry items from shipments from Thrive Market like coconut milk, canned vegetables/stock, spices, etc.


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