Weekly Meals Re-cap and Moving Update

Lunch was a breeze this week thanks to Wednesday’s batch cooking and we still have leftovers to carry us through the weekend while we are running around trying to get the house ready to move into. We have a moving date- September 29th, at least that is when the movers are booked. We originally had moving day set for the 30th, but then I realized we are actually flying to Portland that day so we had to move up moving day! I wish moving day was sooner because I am sorely missing all my kitchen gear, but redoing the flooring takes time, and good things come to those who wait, right? Between now and then there is much to do, like arranging for mulch to be laid in our very large side yard so Gibbs has a nice ground cover to run around on. I have also been flip flopping on paint colors so I need to head over to the house and slap some on the walls to make my final decision before the painters start. We have light fixtures, fans and doors arriving that need to be installed, and plants to buy since we are removing all the large cactus from the back yard and planting mosquito repellent plants in their place like lavender, catnip and lemongrass. Since I have been on Humira (biologic immunosuppressant) any time I get a mosquito bite it swells up to the size of a silver dollar and hurts like crazy. Even before I was on Humira mosquitoes loved me, but now my reaction to the bites are intensified.

The cactus we are removing look like this, and there are 8 in the backyard!

Image result for Cereus jamacaru

Besides the housework I have still had time to cook and have made some go-to recipes and some that I just wing.

Up first is Ken’s favorite chocolate chip cookie minus the one I dropped on the floor. https://againstallgrain.com/2012/08/29/real-deal-chocolate-chip-cookies/ 


I made Gibbs another treat, this time roasted lamb patella bones. Lucky dog! Two treats in one week!


This is a simple breakfast meal of ground turkey and roasted vegetables topped with beet kraut. I am trying to eat more sauerkraut because of it’s probiotic benefits since that is one thing I am lacking when dairy is cut out of your diet. I also like Vega One protein powders because they contain probiotics as well.


This was a simple meal of kabob vegetables, chimichurri sauce served atop grilled turkey breasts.

This next one was just for Ken because I am avoiding all grains now and it also has dairy. This is a take on his favorite bacon risotto from last month’s Cooking Light magazine. Ken’s favorite bacon risotto is just that, bacon, risotto and some Parmesan. This version adds some vegetables from onion and peas, and the dairy component is raw cow’s milk Monterrey cheese.


Lastly, I made sole which I do not think I have ever cooked before, but it is delicious and I will try to buy more often. Instead of using the breadcrumbs as the recipe below calls for I sprinkled the sole with nutritional yeast and a salt-free Penzeys seasoning.




P.S. thoughts are with my family and friends in Florida and hope everyone stays safe.

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