Rough Week and it’s only Wednesday

This week started out pretty rocky as I found out I am one of  many to be laid off. Ouch. I do know how lucky I am to have spent the last 11 years working consistently in the mortgage industry even in the downturn of 2007-2008, but I thought if I was able to make it through that period I would be fine as I am only becoming more experienced in this industry. Oh, how wrong I was. I am to get some severance, so that will take some of the stress away as I look for my next gig. Ken took me out last night to cheer me up and we had some amazing gluten free dishes. I wasn’t able to snap a pic of Ken’s meal, but he had a smoked pork shank with fingerling potatoes and a sour cream tomato sauce. Below we started with some bacon popcorn and cocktails – French 75 for me and Ken had a similar cocktail but made of tequila.For dinner I ordered the roasted chicken which came with a truffle saffron risotto.

Earlier this week we checked out the Seahawk bar on Sunday and watched the game. By start time it was standing room only and it was the friendliest crowd. Definitely not what we’re used to in the Seattle area.

For food we did another Sunday chili, this time we added butternut squash soup and a jalapeno. I had mine without cheese, but Ken topped his with a raw spicy Monterey jack.

I’ve been making a lot of kale chips recently in an attempt to try to eat more greens on the recommendation of my doctor, especially as I hate smoothies. These are super simple- toss kale with 2 tsp olive oil, season to your liking and bake at 300 for 25 minutes.

And finally the floors are done! I wouldn’t say this was the best job/quality, but I guess you get what you pay for, and bottom line-  they’re done and we can move onto painting. Here is our entry step.

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