Amid all our moving chaos we had a trip to Portland planned for Erin’s birthday. This escape has been the light at the end of  the tunnel for me during the lead up of our move. What better than to escape the day after you move? As type A as I can be, leaving everything unpacked is a bit liberating and gives you perspective. So far we have had some great kitchen time making paleo ravioli, meatballs and stuffed squash. Outside the kitchen we made it to a Mcmenamin’s, apple farm and winery. If anyone follows me on pinterest, some of those recipes are on a page I named “recipes for Erin”.  

White acorn squash sourced directly from farm stuffed with wild rice, walnuts, garlic , shallots, and cranberries.
My easy meatballs with a almond meal breadcrumb. 85/15 grass fed beef seasoned with Italian seasoning, garlic, red pepper flakes, s&p
Biodynamic winery! I’ve been reading up on biodynamic farming as was so delighted we came across a winery practicing this concept.
Lunch at John Barleycorns Mcmenamins
Apple farm/ pumpkin patch

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