Back Home

We were able to spend our last day in Portland as tourists while Erin and Nima were at work and spent our day walking around Portland and visiting the Japanese and rose gardens. Erin and Nima got off work early and we had a fun Mexican dinner for Erin’s birthday. After dinner we had cake at their house but the frosting turned out to be an epic fail as it was tearing the top off the cake when you tried to spread it. Oh well, it tasted good so that’s all that matters. 

Frosting only made it on part of the cake as we were trying to salvage the rest

Now we are back home and the unpacking continues. We have made some progress, and I’m thankful for the break with work since there is much to do at the house. Even though I’m so happy to have my kitchen back I made a simple dinner of meat sauce over zoodles. Since I was already spiralizing zucchini for dinner I went ahead and did all the zucchini so now zoodles are ready for another meal. The meat sauce wasground turkey, mushrooms, onion, garlic and a jar of Raos Arrabiata marinara.  

My finished bowl with sautéed zoodles
Ken had his meat sauce served over rice noodles and topped with Parmesan

Sitting room, just need to set up the puzzle table and put up wall art

Before and after of our shower. Ken tried to get the door back on the track and it shattered in his hands.

This pantry totally makes up for lack of cupboard space in kitchen

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