Sick Fur Baby

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much impact our lives have on our pets. Poor Gibbs has a stressed-induced bout of colitis, for which he is now on antibiotics to treat. Of course as someone with a similar disease I feel overly guilty our move and all that goes with it has added to his stress. I can only be thankful my health hasn’t been impacted by this move. In sympathy of Gibbs’ situation, dinner was pretty bland today, but it was surprisingly good. We had poached Icelandic cod (which makes me think of our upcoming trip!!), roasted carrots and sautéed cabbage. This was the first time I poached anything, but will soon be repeating this technique as it was a healthy way to give fish flavor. The way I had to defrost the fish was pretty hilarious though. Our water was turned off because we have a plumber here to install our utility sink and dog wash sink, so I couldn’t run cold water over the fish as I normally would. So what did I do? Luckily the fish was vacuumed sealed so I just threw the package in our pool! Once defrosted I poached the cod in a liquid comprised of two cups chicken broth and a quarter cup lemon juice. Having cooked veggies on the side makes them easier to digest. I look forward to all the seafood we will have while visiting Iceland and Sweden in January. 

2 thoughts on “Sick Fur Baby”

  1. Agree w Laura the defrosting idea worked. Poor Gibbs. Speedy recovery. It’s fall down drunk Friday. Guess another Friday. Happy Friday to all


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