Guest Post: Cards

In life we are dealt a hand…some hands are better than others, but what matters most is how you play the hand you are dealt. I am in constant awe at how my wife lives her life. She is amazing! She faces her challenges head on and doesn’t allow anything to limit what she wants to do. We have gone through many life changes lately…from moving to Arizona, to escaping an unfortunate rental situation, to living in an Air BnB, to renovating a house, to moving (for the umph-teen time), and to dealing with her husband! And trust me, the last is probably the biggest challenge.  Through all we have been through, we needed a break. Today, we needed a mimosa sunday, fun day! So regardless of all the (unfun) things we probably should have accomplished today, we had fun! Mimosas in bed while watching re-runs of Wings, to carpool karaoke with Foo-Fighters, to swimming in our pool, and to soaking in the rays on our very own pool deck!  In October!! I also took a stab at making diet friendly chicken strips…turned out okay if you ask me! And at the end of our night Elise, Gibbs, and I ended up snuggling up, all cozy in bed. I’d post a picture of that, but Elise and Gibbs are asleep and she’d probably ‘Jillian Michaels’ my a$$ if I did, but trust me its beautiful! Ultimately, I feel pretty lucky with my cards.

– Ken

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