I’m sorry but I just have to rant! In our household we need at least two toilets to function. Because even though I’m in remission you never know when nature is going to strike and sometimes it may be all day long, so having only one toilet at your disposal (don’t mind my pun) is unacceptable. Unfortunately I just had to witness Ken have a 30 minute conversation with the flooring guy who kept insisting the uneven floors were not the cause of his shoddy flooring installation, but the toilet wobbling and that is was Ken/the plumber’s fault.  Take a look for yourself. The flooring guy filled the gap between the floor andthe  toilet with grout to prevent the toilet from wobbling. The last house we bought, we replaced all the toilets and somehow didn’t encounter this problem. Renovation are frustrating without good help!!!!! And still without functioning toilets! 

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