Southern Charm

Southern Charm isn’t just a show I love on Bravo, but was the theme of our first dinner party at the new house. We finally felt the house was somewhat presentable and invited Rick and Mary over for Friday night dinner & drinks. I had mentioned earlier in the week we could have bbq chicken, so with that thought in my mind I started flipping through my original recipe book for inspiration. Side note, this recipe book is more like a scrapbook of recipes I’ve clipped over the years in hope I would one day make, or ones I love and make on repeat. From the recipe book I found some things that would compliment the bbq chicken and round out a southern theme. Up first is an appetizer of chicken and waffles paired with mint juleps, then with  dinner, roasted green beans with gremolata,  bbq chicken and the salad and steak Rick and Mary brought. To finish off the night was snickerdoodle cheesecake!


Here are some snaps of our living spaces and food!

Dining Room
Room we have dubbed “the drinking room” because that’s where our wine hutch and bar hutch are located.
Ken’s mint julep made from a recipe out of a cocktail book published in 1985.
Mini waffles and chicken nuggets. In retrospect these needed more sauce and would be best eaten warm. I made two sauces: honey mustard and spicy honey with Frank’s.
Green beans with gremolata. Along with the mini waffles and chicken nuggets, I’ve had this recipe for years and never made it before. I don’t know why I’ve waited for so long! I will be preparing green beans this was more often! You take 2 lbs green beans and one red onion quartered and coat them with 3 tbsp olive oil. Salt and pepper then roast at 425 for 25 minutes. Plate, then drizzle with juice from half an orange and gremolata made from 1 tbsp parsley, oregano, garlic and zest from half and orange.


Recipe for cheesecake and chicken and waffles.



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