Paleo Treats and Salads

Everyone has their favorite foods, and when your diet changes it can be hard to eat like you want and still reap the benefits from your dietary changes. Desserts can be one of those things you feel like you may never enjoy again if grains and dairy are no longer in your diet, but there are so many blogs and recipes out there to recreate your favorites. Although these recipes are made with “healthy” ingredients it doesn’t mean the end product will be healthy. Just like a regular brownie, a paleo brownie should be enjoyed in moderation, at least for those of you with self-control. Since I have extra time on my hands I decided to make some more time consuming recipes, even though one turned out to be an epic fail only because I didn’t have the right equipment. The recipes I made were brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. The brownies turned out great, and were only made with 5 ingredients. The ice cream on the other hand is more like a brick of ice instead of cream, because I don’t have an ice cream maker to get it to the right consistency. These were both made with Ken in mind since I try to avoid eggs and coconut. Plus I do like to cook, even if it is not something I am going to eat.

To start the ice cream base, I infused coconut milk with mint leaves.
Then added honey, peppermint extract and vanilla. Then I blended this mixture with half an avocado and 2 c almond milk.
At this point you would take the mixture and put it in an ice cream maker, but I just put it in a pan then in the freezer. Unfortunately it just turned into a big ice cube. 
Brownies were great! Made with chocolate chips (dairy free), coconut sugar, eggs, vanilla and palm shortening. 
I like to line the pan with parchment paper, because it is easy clean up and easy to get the brownies out.


Along with all the meals I normally cook from scratch, I made something new: curried chicken salad. This was super easy and could pair with lettuce cups, wraps, crackers, bread, etc. I took cooked cubed chicken and added red onion, red grapes and celery. The dressing is  just a small container of plain goat yogurt and curry powder.


I normally don’t like to eat out for various reasons. Cost is one, but mainly it is because I get such anxiety over the menu. Will there be anything diet friendly I can eat? I hate having to give a run down of the items I cannot have to the waitstaff and just feel it is overall not worth the effort. If we do go out I usually resign myself to trying to eat as close to my normal foods as possible, but knowing I will still have a stomach ache (to put it mildly) the rest of the day and the next day. Eating out is something that has been virtually nonexistent for Ken and I this past year and a half, but exceptions always arise, like traveling, family visits, etc. I can cope with these exceptions because the experience is worth the consequences, but eating out is really not an enjoyable experience for me anymore. How many times have Ken and I gone into a restaurant, sat down, and then promptly left because I felt so overwhelmed at the lack of options for me? Way too may to count. Breakfast is the worst since I rarely eat eggs, dairy, bacon, and gluten. Seriously what else is left? A fruit bowl, but guess what? I don’t really like fruit. How’s that for dining out?  However, with that being said, I can only cook so much before I am sick of being in the kitchen! When these feelings occur, Ken will cook, we will sometimes go out, or get an easy take out meal from whole foods such as a roasted chicken and cooked vegetables or an easy to cook gluten free, dairy free mac & cheese. Today was one of those days when I just felt like cooking was not what I wanted to spend my time doing so Ken and I went to lunch. Luckily there was something on the menu that was close to being perfect for me! I didn’t ask what was in the dressing so there are probably things I will react to, but ignorance is bliss sometimes! And dealing with any consequences is worth it when facing another hour in the kitchen makes you want to cry. Plus now that I’m in remission I only have to worry about bathroom consequences, not promoting the ongoing inflammation all over my body that occurs when I am not in remission. Alas, I ordered a buckwheat noodle salad. If you didn’t know buckwheat is not actually a grain, but a seed. I used to eat a lot of buckwheat noodles years ago when I was first experimenting with grain-free living. This salad was great, it had kale, carrots, avocado, cucumbers and shrimp. I asked for no coconut or peanuts since those are highly sensitive for me, and I felt like this was a good choice overall.


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