Fire Pit!

If y’all were wondering what us homebodies usually do on a Saturday, it’s dog park/walk with Gibbs, errands/chores then maybe enjoying the backyard. Ken built an awesome fire pit at our house in Sammamish but tonight we tested out our new fire pit. We didn’t have the seasoned cedar/fir wood from our own backyard to burn, but we do have clippings from overgrown citrus trees. Overall I think it turned out well. 

Sammamish. And we still have this dog hammock. It goes with us camping, inside, outside, you name it.

Scottsdale! Gibbs is here too, but he’s off hunting lizards and tennis balls. 😂

I also started today with more of those picked red onions, but this time in a bagel and lox form. I used a vegan gluten free bread, daiya (dairy free) cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions and capers.

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