Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween today I made some festive items. One was a batch of treats for Gibbs, rolled out into pumpkins and ghosts. The recipe for this dough can be found here: https://modestmousse.blog/grain-free-dog-treats 


The next item I made today was candy corn carrot pasta. It is only candy corn by name because of the colors of the carrots, not that is has actual candy corn in it!


I took several of these multi-colored carrots and used my vegetable peeler to make ribbons. You just take your vegetable peeler and peel long ribbons starting at the fat end and continue until you run out of carrot.


Then I steamed the ribbons in the microwave by adding just a splash of water and putting the lid to my dish on and microwaved for three minutes.

While the carrot ribbons were in the microwave I infused some Truffle olive oil with fresh rosemary. Over the weekend we visited an olive oil shop and I bought a bottle of truffle oil, so that infusion was already done. To infuse the rosemary, I just snipped some fresh rosemary from the backyard and minced it up then put it in a skillet with a tbsp olive oil, set over medium heat for three minutes while the carrots were in the microwave.


Once the carrot ribbons were done steaming I tossed them in the infused olive oil and added a pinch of sea salt, and the dish was done! You can use this as a “pasta” base and top with salmon or grilled chicken and you have an easy, healthy meal!



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