Men Make Dinner Pt 2

When you take a face-first spill hiking you’re going to want something comforting for dinner, and bonus points when your husband does the cooking. I took my mom hiking near our house this morning and as we were almost to the finish point I tripped over some shale rocks going down the descent and biffed it pretty spectacularly. I was bleeding pretty good above my elbow and had to use my wrist sweat band as a bandage. Luckily that was the worst and mainly got off with only some scrapes and bruises and nothing like falling on Gibbs since we was attached to me by the waist leash. But sometimes you still want to milk your injuries and getting a sympathy dinner is the perfect play.  I requested chicken with bacon cream sauce and mashed cauliflower using some of Ken’s truffle butter from last week and Parmesan since that’s my favorite cheese.

This chicken turned out crazy good! The lemon added a surprisingly tangy flavor which set it over the top.

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