Brunch Treat

This morning I was treated to brunch at the Kenwood, which means Ken created something restaurant-worthy at home. I’ve been having some digestive (Crohn’s) issues lately, mainly because I haven’t been eating according to my food sensitivities and am worried I am sending myself out of remission, but in times of stress I suppose we reach for comforting things and don’t put out the effort to put ourselves first. I am meeting with my doctor this week so hopefully that will help me hit the reset button and re-focus on my health, since that’s not really something you can conquer then forget about. Ken was kind enough to set out for the store this morning to get ingredients to make a hash full of nutritious foods that won’t disagree with me. He made a hash of yellow squash, kale, jalapeño, chicken Italian sausage, herbed goat cheese and picked red onion. It’s amazing how great food can taste when it’s simply prepared and kept as whole as possible. Here’s to hitting the reset button and feeling better!

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