Quick Meal for Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, time seems to escape us, and ordering delivery is all too easy. Since I am back into avoiding my food sensitivities as yesterday my doctor said, “Elise, you know you can’t eat those things!!”, finding quick meals with minimal ingredients will carry me through this busy time without ordering take-out and jeopardizing my health. Here’s one of our favorite meals Ken and I started making in the early days of our relationship. I have found a way to make this diet-friendly for my current eating situation by substituting gluten free rice pasta for regular pasta, and omitting the cheese (under protest mind you!). Tip: you can cook rice pasta al dente too by reducing cooking time by a few minutes…seriously you won’t know the difference!

Fun tip: I majored in Italian in college and Orecchiette means “little ears”, so next time you eat orecchiette pasta, remember you’re eating little ears! My favorite word in Italian is farfalle, which is also a pasta type and means butterflies.

Again, this is one recipe that can be easily found online, but I refer back to my old school recipe book.


Pictures courtesy of Ken as he did the cooking tonight 😀

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