Thanksgiving Side Dish

We were at our favorite BBQ place, Bootleggers, over the weekend with my parents and I ordered their puréed cauliflower and it changed my life! I love Bootleggers since they have a lot of items that adhere to my food sensitivities and the puréed cauliflower was one of them. I’ve been dreaming about the puréed cauliflower ever since and decided to make it myself. I purchased a bag of pre-cut cauliflower florets which made this a snap to prepare. I steamed the florets in a cup of bone broth by bringing the cauliflower and broth to a boil on the stovetop, then covering and reduced the heat for 20 minutes. Using a slotted spoon I transferred the cauliflower along with three tablespoons of the broth, three tablespoons olive oil and a teaspoon sea salt and puréed it in the food processor. And it’s done! Perfect for Thanksgiving instead of potatoes and versatile enough you can add any additions to your liking.

I served the puréed cauliflower with an old favorite I’m sure I’ve posted before- Olive Oregano Chicken.

There’s a story behind this chicken dish, which I’ll share even though it puts me in a bad light….

Once upon a time when Erin and I lived together I decided to make dinner and bring some over to Ken’s apartment. I wanted to leave dinner for Erin, too, since she was studying late and would probably appreciate a meal ready made when she got home. I left her portion in the pan on the stove and covered it. However, I DID NOT TURN OFF THE STOVE, and set off for Ken’s. Instead of coming straight home from school, Erin stopped by our parents house and when she finally came back to our apartment she was greeted by a smoked-filled apartment with the smoke detectors going off. In a panic she was able to find my cat Rascal (now her cat), get out of the apartment and call me. Ken and I rushed over and surveyed the damage and the cause: olive oregano chicken burnt to a crisp and a smoke stained apartment. Ken and I opened all the windows to air out the apartment and Ken was kind enough to let Rascal and I spend the night at his apartment despite his allergy to cats. Erin sought refuge at our parents and the next week was spent cleaning to get our apartment back to a livable state.

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