Christmas Fettuccine

One of my favorite ways to start the weekend is lounging in bed watching The Food Network. I have spent many a Saturday subsequently making recipes from these shows…and also eating pasta for breakfast which is what happened this morning. Can you tell I’m Italian? One such Saturday was how I ended up making bacon sauce and meatballs.

However this morning we were watching The Kitchen and they made a 30 minute bolognese sauce and it looked so delicious that I was quickly taking a mental inventory of our pantry and fridge to see if we could immediately make a similar dish…luckily we had enough ingredients to make our own version!! Perfect for a special holiday meal.

To start, we put together a mirepoix mixture the best we could with carrots, garlic and picked red onion. True mirepoix is a vegetable mixture usually compromised of celery, onion and carrots. We have fresh basil courtesy of my dad who just planted a bunch for me in a gorgeous huge teal planter. The sad looking parsley is left over from Thanksgiving.

Our sauce was made with diced tomatoes, wine, and tomato paste. I had just picked up a package of shirataki noodles from WholeFoods yesterday which we used for our pasta. These are tofu or soybean noodles which have a nice hearty texture I thought would work better than the spaghetti rice noodles in the pantry. I LOVE pasta, so I’m always looking for alternative noodles that I can tolerate that don’t contain, beans, wheat, or eggs.

The Kitchen recipe featured a meat sauce from beef and sausage, but we only had beef on hand so I made up a seasoning blend I see in sausage. The blend contained fennel seed, celery seed, red pepper flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. We made the meat sauce by browning the beef, then drained the fat. Add olive oil and vegetables to caramelize them to quickly bring out some flavor since this sauce isn’t simmering away for hours as a traditional bolognese does (learned from The Kitchen). After the beef and vegetables had some nice brown color. We added wine and tomatoes and S&P, then let that all reduce down to a thicker sauce. Then I added the shirataki noodles into the pan and topped with fresh herbs.

Ken and I ended up with our pasta bowls in 20 minutes, which will be in our rotation for future quick dinners. In retrospect we both decided the sauce was too liquidy so to remedy that we would use crushed tomatoes instead of the diced tomatoes (all we had on hand), add extra garlic and use yellow onion instead of picked red onion (added a bit too much sweetness).

One thought on “Christmas Fettuccine”

  1. That looks so fabulous, so like making things I see in shows, too. I was watching ddd last night with grandma and saw fried green tomato sliders, thought of you! Love seeing the spices and adding that to your meat. Great post🥗🥘


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