I have recently relocated from Sammamish, a tiny suburb of Seattle, to Scottsdale, AZ with my husband, Ken, and dog, Gibbs. Talk about a climate change and culture shock! I live with Crohn’s disease and primarily cook all my meals at home and get a majority of my recipes and ideas from pinterest and sites like Against All Grain and Elana’s Pantry. I have always enjoyed cooking but in the last few years the types of food and ingredients I cook with has changed dramatically but we still manage to eat deliciously.

My diet is driven by a food sensitivity test I did last year which identifies which foods I am sensitive to, and when consumed, promotes inflammation in my body which exacerbates my Crohn’s symptoms. You will see I stay away from all nuts except almonds, corn, gluten, cow’s milk, watermelon, spinach, scallops, crab, coffee, tea, and eggs.


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